Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iReview: Twitbird

Most of us know that there about thirtyfivegazillion apps out there for us iPhone junkies.  Well, out of that thirtyfivegazillion, a fair amount are apps for twitter.  If you have no idea what twitter is, please do the following:
1)  Pack your iPhone in a nice box and surround it with bubble wrap.
2)  Ship your iPhone to...

Just kidding!  I'm sure you all know what twitter is, right?

Okay, so when I first got my iPhone, I immediately downloaded the twitter app that is now called Echofon.  I like it.  **Echofon never gave me any issues, but I got bored with it.  I started trying new twitter apps left and right.  I've probably used 3 others, not including Echofon.  None of them fit me or my needs.  I'm not too needy, but for me, sometimes the more an app can do for me, the more I like it.

One day, during my weekly trip to the app store on my phone, I found Twitbird.  I downloaded it because it was FREE and honestly figured that I wouldn't care for it either.  Well, boy was I wrong!  I could gush for at least an hour about all the features this app has, and I will, but not for an hour and to make things easier for y'all, I've got some pictures!

For starters, when you open the app, there is a really good sized menu.  It may be a little much for some people, but like I said, I like options.  What this picture doesn't show you is that there is another page of options if you scroll down!  Other options that aren't listed above are Trends, My Profile, Search, Saved Links, Public Timeline and a few more!

When you click on "Home" it takes you to your activity.  It loads all the tweets in individual bubbles.  Unread tweets are in tan and read tweets are in the gray shade like above.  There's also another menu.  I didn't bother labeling everything there because they're mostly self explanatory when you have the all.  The icon in the middle though, that lets you choose a background (mine is that leafy thing).  You can also use a picture from your photo library.  Fun!

When you want to create a new tweet you can see that there are a lot of things you can do.  When you click on the @ symbol, you can scroll through your "following" list and pick a person, instead of trying to memorize every.single.username.

Some other features that this app has that I didn't get pictures of are:
When you get to the end of a page (25 tweets) you just slide your finger upward and it loads the next set for you.  This app does allow you to have two accounts, which is neat because most of the multi-account twitter apps are not free.

To RT or @ someone as a reply, all you do is tap on the tweet you want to use and click on the leftward arrow.  You'll be able to pick from reply, retweet and direct message.

Overall, this is my favorite twitter app.  This morning I downloaded Tweetery because someone mentioned that it was a free download this week.  I wasn't impressed.  I've already removed it from my phone.

I hope that you've found this review and all of our others helpful!  Don't forget, if you have an app that you would like us to review, or an expensive one that we don't want to pay for that you want to review, contact either of us using the information in our profiles!

**They may have updated and upgraded Echofon since the time I stopped using it.


Mommy Lisa said...

Wow...I may have to ditch the Twitter app I have...

Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.