Sunday, January 10, 2010

iReview: IMDb (or iMDB?)

i've only had my iphone since september but since day -10 (that's 10 days BEFORE i got the thing) i've been wanting an imdb (internet movie database) app. i LOVE imdb. i use it ALL the time. i always think about how much of my life would be wasted sitting around trying to figure out where i know the guy in this movie from. that database is truly a life saver! if you aren't familiar with this site a) i feel sorry for you and b) get your butts over there and check it out!

when i discovered the lack of app-age, i had to bookmark it in safari and just use that all the time. on december 10, 2009 (two days after the app was released) i was on a roadtrip back to austin from san angelo, tx (about a 4 hour drive). without going into too many details, several friends and i had made the trip out there to attend a friend's funeral. anyway, on the way home something came up that caused me to consult my imdb safari page. when i got there, i saw a huge (well, not too huge since i was viewing it on my phone) banner advertising an app for the iphone and ipod touch. i may or may not have gone a little nutso. i was running on no sleep and had experienced the peak of every emotion known to man that day so i can't really be held accountable for the way i reacted. i downloaded that shizz immediately and have used it daily ever since. oh, did i mention the best part? IT'S FREE! i've paid for my fair share of apps already but i get super-duper stoked when i find free apps that i actually like. and i don't just like this app, i love it. i want to marry it.

stay tuned for a possible vlog where i 'splain an app in front of a video camera. scary, huh? nah, i made my vlog debut on my regular blog this weekend and it was fun (even though my hair was a mess).


ktdone said...

I have lots of questions because I plan to get an iphone when I upgrade in March. None of my questions are really app related yet, but I will definitely use this blog to pick apps when I finally get my phone!

Some of my questions are:
1. Did you spring for the extra year of applecare?
2. Do you have any type of insurance on your phone? I know AT&T doesn't let you do their $5 a month insurance with the iphone, some people have used traditional insurance companies to insure their iphones though, I'm waiting to hear back from my company to see if they do that kind of thing. I've been pretty good with phone and never had to use my AT&T insurance, but I feel like it'd be my luck to get an awesome expensive phone and THEN need it when I can't have it.

I don't know, is there anything else that surprised you or you wished you known about before you bought the phone?

Jenn said...

I personally did not spring for the additional AppleCare. I didn't feel like it was something I wanted to spend my money on.

Also, you're right. AT&T will not insure the iPhone. You can opt to pay Apple for that, but I didn't. I DID however contact my insurance company (we have our home and auto insurance with them) to see if they would insure it. Sadly, they don't and they practically laughed at me when I told them what I was trying to insure. So, here I am, with an iPhone, the APPLE of my eye, my most cherished inaminate object, with no insurance. I take my risks. I live on the edge.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Stef might have some valuable information to offer you on this suject as well.

I figured I would post this here in case anyone else has the same questions :)

stefanie said...

i didn't get the apple care either. i don't have my phone insured at all but i've never had any of my electronics insured. i'm really anal about taking care of things that i paid a lot of money for and *knock on wood* have never had ANY problems.

i don't think there's anything that surprised me or blindsided me when i got this phone. i knew pretty well going into it what to expect and so far, i haven't been let down at all. okay, wait, one thing. you can make your own ringtones in itunes (that you pay for) but you can't use those tones as a text alert. that's honestly the ONLY thing that let me down when i got my phone.

ktdone said...

Thanks guys! I heard back from from insurance co. (Germania) and they said they had coverage for laptops/computers/smart phones but it seems like it only covers it if it is lost or stolen not if it breaks. Which doesn't make a lot of sense to me, what is to keep me from just reporting it lost or stolen if it breaks? It's only $6 per year per $100 value covered (plus a $100 deductible) so it might be worth it? Everything I read online keeps pointing me to so I guess it's legit? I want to research it more, but it costs $120 to insure a 16GB iphone for 2 years ($50 deductible). Which seems pricey but that's exactly what I paid AT&T to insure much cheaper phones. It doesn't cover loss or theft. Now the question is, am I willing to pay for both? I still have time to decide...

I remembered another question I had, do you know if the 16GB and the 32GB iphones are the same size/thickness? Weight doesn't really matter to me, unless it's a riduculous difference. I can't believe I'm actually considering paying $100 extra dollars for the 32GB but I just might.