Monday, June 21, 2010

iHave: a serious complaint, SHAZAM!

alright, you know i be lovin' me some shazam but lately, i hate it. "but stefanie, how could you hate such a wonderful creation?" you might ask. lend me your ear (err, eyes) and i'll tell you.

for the past couple of weeks or so every time i try to launch shazam, it crashes. it never gets past the initial start up screen. over the weekend there was a shazam update which i thought, for sure, would solve my problemo. i didn't do shit. today, there was an operating system update which i thought might solve my problemo. no dice.

now, ordinarily if i was having this kind of problem with an app (which i actually never have) i would probably just delete it and re-download it. however, shazam made some changes in november which make me hesitant to do that. new shazam users can download a free version where they're only allowed to "tag" 5 songs per month, or they can pay $5 for a version with unlimited tags (which is what i have, well, had before it stopped working). soooo now you see my dilemma. on the one hand i can't imagine being limited to 5 tags per month, on the other hand, i've had zero tags in the past 2ish weeks since the damn thing hasn't been working. and you can bet your sweet bippy that i'm not about to pay $5 for an app that might not even work properly. i just don't know what to do!

iLove: what i know about iOS4 so far

don't adjust your google reader, this blog actually has a new post!

so if you live under a rock, like my friend dustin, you might not know that apple released OS4 for the iphone/itouch today. and hoooooly update, batman! obviously if you want real information about the update you should read this on gizmodo but if you want to read what i think of it (so far) stick around!

i'm going to touch on four points in this post: general speed, folders, search, and motherfreaking email threading!

general speed: lard have mercy, this thing is fast! it's so much faster than the last operating system. i'm in love, i'm in love and i don't care who knows it!

folders: awww yeah, i can finally get rid of my 4 pages of apps or whatever the hell i had before. everything is on ONE PAGE. oh, and your wallpaper really is wallpaper now. how fun is that? unless you have a 3G or older, then your wallpaper still isn't really a wallpaper. 

allow me to introduce you to my folders:

yes, since apple won't let me delete the stupid stocks, voice memo, and compass apps i will just file them under shit i wish i could delete. for information on how to actually create said folders, visit that there gizmodo link above the pictures. i'm too lazy to explain it and i'm not just going to copy and paste what they wrote. 

search: now when you use the search function, rather than just searching everything on your phone as well as the web, you can select to search wikipedia

email threading: this is a big one for me. i'm talking HUGE. if you use gmail (and who doesn't use gmail? except for my co-editor of this here blog) you know how wonderful it is that gmail keeps emails stored as a conversation, rather than a separate entry in your inbox for each reply to the same original email. for example, when 6 friends and i were planning a trip to san francisco, we emailed each other constantly, all replying from my original email titled "san fran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in gmail, that was just one measly little line in my inbox. but on my phone, each time someone replied it showed up as a totally new email. i eventually had to make a folder to put them all in on my phone because there were 100+ emails in that conversation. now, i wouldn't have to do that! i guess if you don't use gmail, or never have, this might not be that big of a deal to you. well, i don't know, do other email clients use the threading feature? i don't even know because i've been using gmail since it was beta invite only. 

what are you loving, or hating, about the new operating system?