Sunday, January 17, 2010

jazzing up your iphone case

i am very picky when it comes to a case for my iphone. i see a lot of people using those really bulky, rubbery incase cases that look like this:

i'm sure they provide a nice amount of protection but they're way too bulky for me. i can't stand them! for the first few months i had my phone, i used the plum slimshell by dlo:

i loved it! i was pretty rough on it and it eventually cracked in a couple of places. it's still totally usable but i bought a new one anyway. i got the teal one this time. oh, did i mention best buy sells them and they're only about $15? it's a nice deal.

yesterday i decided i wanted to add some flair to my little slimshell so i went to michael's and picked out some stickers that i liked. the sheet came with TONS of stickers for about $1.50 and i picked the ones that best matched the teal case. here is the finished product:

immediately after i finished it i was a little unsure of it but everyone who has seen it has complimented it. it's definitely growing on me.

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Bethany said...

I love my Speck Candy Shell cover. It has hit the ground about a hundred times and my phone is still pristine!