Monday, January 4, 2010

iReview: Camera Bag

camera bag made by nevercenter ($1.99) is another app i've had since early on. my friend kerry discovered it and i couldn't wait to download it when i got my phone! this app lets you use a photo from your camera roll or take a new one and apply one of 11 different effects to it. once you have an effect you like, you can save it to your camera roll or email it to one of your contacts.

that is what you will see when you first open this app. then you will either tap the icon to load a photo from your camera roll or take a new one. i'm going to chose a picture from my camera roll and apply every effect to it, one at a time.













for this review, i have chosen the helga one to email to jenn. i simply tap the email icon and it brings this up:

if you're at all familiar with lomography and such photography techniques, then you'll get the that helga=holga, lolo=lomo, and colorcross=cross process.

there are a few things you can change in this app, such as the resolution the picture saves at, whether or not to crop, and whether or not to use borders. i have crop and borders on because i love the square pics and the ones with white borders! obviously, sometimes the crop doesn't work very well for a particular picture (like cinema in this example) but there's always something that does work!

i use this app ALL the time. it's hard to say which effect is my favorite but i think i use colorcross the most. i love to actually cross process film so i think that's why i like that particular effect so much. i would say that this app is definitely $2 well spent if you like to play around with your iphone photos like i do.


Jessica said...

Are y'all trying to push me over the edge? You already know that I want an iPhone and can't afford one...why must you tempt me?

stefanie said...

this app is one of my favorite things about owning an iphone. i am SO IN LOVE. you just need to bite the bullet and get one. cut back on other expenses like rent :)