Wednesday, December 30, 2009

iReview: Toy Camera

one of the first apps i downloaded was toy camera made by takayuki fukatsu ($1.99). my friend bonnie has had it forever and i've always loved the pictures she shares from it. here's a brief "how to" for using the app. sorry my subject is so crappy, i'm blogging from my bed. haha!

launch that bad boy

take a picture

preview your picture and choose to either retake it or use it

then see what the app spits out for you
the picture is automatically saved to your camera roll

i personally have this app set on "random" to see what comes out of it. this is the list of effects used in random mode:

vintage green
vintage warm
vintage yellow
low saturation
high saturation
toning sepia
rich b&w
high contrast b&w

-you're constantly surprised by the app

-you can't use an existing picture from your camera roll
-if you have it on random, you obviously don't get to select which effect is applied
-if you don't have it on random, you have to change the effect before you take the picture

so, this app might not be for everyone. i love it though because i like the randomness. i also don't use it when i am in a hurry to get a shot because it might apply an effect that i don't care for for that particular image and i won't have time to try again.

here are some of my favorite photos i've taken using toy camera:

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