Wednesday, December 30, 2009

iLove You: Flagship Post

Welcome to iLove:  Unsolicited iPhone Jabber!

Stef and I decided to start this blog because, well, there is no denying our love for the amazing object that IS the iPhone. 

Since this blog is in it's infantile stage, feel free to leave us comments on things you would like to hear about.  If you have an app you want us to know about, use and possibly review, tell us all about it.  We plan to talk about everything we love about the iPhone.  We'll also share some secrets and tips that might make your transition to the iPhone a little bit easier.  Not everyone can be as awesome as us when it comes to learning how to navigate such a beautiful device.

Be sure to share this blog with all of your iPhone carrying friends and family!

We look foward to hearing what you have to say, and we're excited to try out all the new apps you throw our direction!

Finally, I would like to end this Flagship post by leaving you with a letter that I wrote a few months back on my regular blog.

We hope you enjoy!

Jenn & Stefanie

There is no real way to start this love letter off. iAm just going to shoot from the hip, and hope that you truly understand my feelings...

iLove you. iLove your curves. iLove that you let me push your buttons whenever iWant to. My love for you is never ending. iDon't really know how iEver managed life without you. You keep me organized and calm when iAm typically nervous and frazzled. Just holding you makes me full to the brim with happiness.

Others have come and gone, but none of them were as loving and efficient as you. You move fast when iNeed you to, which is always a huge bonus. You can give me the answer to any question iMay ever have about anything within seconds.

You're the smartest one iKnow, which makes me so lucky to have you. You teach me new things every single day, and for that, iAppreciate you. Your ability to translate my words into different languages stuns me. The fact that you have an inside connection with my bank, to be able to tell me just how much cash iHave (or don't have) at any given time...that's amazing.

My life hasn't been the same since we got together. iNever thought iWould have such strong feelings for someonething like you. You might say that iHave "been around" with others like you. iDon't like to use the term "slut", but it's true. My list is probably in the twenties by now, but iThink iHave found my perfect match. iCan honestly say that iWill never let you leave me. iImagine that in the future another one will come around. One that is more smart, with a better memory, but you'll always be my favorite. iWill never forget the connection that we have.

With you, there is never a dull moment. You are always willing to do exactly what iWant to do. You don't argue. If I want to play games, you play with me, if I want to watch the news, you watch with me. You're absolutely the best iHave ever had and iCan't imagine my life without you.

iTruly appreciate you and all of your beautiful, awesome features.

iLove you. More than you'll ever know.

Please stay sweet and don't ever change. iWill be here, with you, forever.

iLove You Madly,


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