Thursday, December 31, 2009

iReview: Photo Funia

I wrote a review for this app on my personal blog, but I'm going to repeat it here, only with much better information!

I don't really know how I stumbled upon Photo Funia, because it wasn't in the Photography category in the Apps Store.  It was in the top 100 free apps in the Entertainment Category.  That's right folks, this app is FREE!

This app was created by Alexey Ivanov, and boy, do I think he hit a home run with this gem!  Photo Funia works two ways, which is always a plus for me.  You can either use a picture from your existing album, or you can take a picture and use it!  I always love the apps where you can use a picture from your existing album because I'm sort of forgetful, and most of the time don't remember that I have a fun photography app handy.

I would compare this app to something sort of *like* photoshop.  You take your picture and place it in one of their many random scenes.  You can put your picture on a $100 bill, you can see your picture in the middle of times square, you can see many people staring at your picture in an art gallery, the possibilities are almost endless!

The other neat thing about this app is that they have a website -  You can play with this online, at your computer too!

The Quick How To:
1)  Open the App...

2)  Scroll through the variety of options

3)  After you have selected the scene that you want to use, choose your photo

4)  Once you've chosen the picture you would like to use, the app will create your scene.  Here are a few I've created:

Using Photo Funia is so simple, and it really is a ton of fun!

Here is one that I created on their website.  Their site has a several that are not available on the app.  I'm assuming that when there is an update, they will also be included.


Jessica said...

So, wait...can I do this without an iPhone? Can I just go to the webby site and get down wit it? Please do say yes. If not, I'm off to search for something that I can do WITHOUT an iPhone because I CAN NOT AFFORD ONE!

Jessica said...

Never fear...I answered my own question and I'll be blogging about it.

Amber said...

I'm gonna have to do this online because 1. cannot afford and iPhone, no matter how much I want it 2. Can't switch carriers, upgrading my phone and resigning my contract soon. :(