Thursday, February 25, 2010

iReview: Words With Friends

It's been a while, right?  Well, I downloaded a new app yesterday on my way home from work [and before you freak out, I spend at least an hour in bumper to bumper and my speedometer never moves past 4ish MPH].  I read about this one somewhere, but I have to admit, it's really just pissing me off more than anything.

Here's the deal:  we all know how much I love to download apps, right?  Well, I also like a good addictive game every now and again.  Prior to this download I was constantly playing Doodle Jump in my spare time {on the pot}.  Anyhow, I downloaded Words with Friends and I was ready to play.  I guess I should have thought about the fact that this game isn't a one person job.  I don't know anyone know one person who has an iPhone AND has this app, so I've been deduced to playing with complete strangers.  This means that when my turn is over and it's theirs, it could be hours before they take their turn so I'm just waiting and waiting.  This does not make me, Mrs. Instant Gratification, happy.

Alright, this game has full potential to be addicting.  I'm currently "playing" 4 games at once and I know one of the people I'm playing against in real life, so it might start getting good.  At least if it takes her 17 hours to play her turn, I pretty much know what she's doing (like working or sitting in the same traffic as I am or eating or drinking).  When it's a stranger I just sit there and try to imagine what Inzan3 or Neslihanb could be doing for so long.

The Gist:
Are you American?  Yes?  So then you know what Scrabble is?  Okay, that's exactly what Words with Friends is

The Pros:
*You can invite friends from facebook and twitter to play.  I sent out a tweet from the app and I think that's how my game with Looch started. 
*There is a chat option
*There's a "Pass & Play" option which means that you can play with a friend who's sitting next to you
*This app is FREE (or you can get the paid version with no ads)

The Cons:
*If you like fast paced games, this isn't going to be your cup of tea
*There is a "resign" option so you can quit a game, but you can only resign if it's your turn.  If it's taking the other person 17 hours to take their turn, you have to wait to resign.
*The ads are ridiculous.  After your every turn there's an ad that you have to wait a few seconds to "skip", but really, you're next turn might not be for another 17 hours so you just hit your home button...

Once I get some actual in real life friends to get this app and play with me, I think I'll enjoy it more.  Its fun to play when its your turn, but let me just tell you, when you get your letters and you start planning your next word, if 17 hours passes and you're like me, you've forgotten what word you were going to use.

Again, this app has full potential to be pretty addicting and I learned from a co-worker (who doesn't have an iPhone) that it's all the rage on facebook.  I've never seen anyone post about it, but she's young and "in the know".

Finally, I leave you with something I haven't done in forever.  My work computer won't allow me to use fun internet tools like picnik, so I had to do some editing the old fashioned way.  My bad...

Don't forget that Stef and I love to hear about new apps, especially the really good ones, so tell us what your favorites are!


stefanie said...

i just downloaded this shitty app. i started 3 games with 3 friends and then every time i tried to do ANYTHING, the app crashed. so i deleted it off my phone. i don't have time for that shit!

Jessica said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting something that doesn't make me want an iPhone. It only took forever.

Leah said...

I have words with friends. My name is theMrsCruthis, but for now - I'm pretty much a stranger. I love the things I've discovered on your blog(s) though! I'm very much addicted to this one. Thanks for sharing!